1. When placing an order, fill in all the specified fields in full. All personal data, in accordance with the law, is stored on Russian servers and is not disclosed. please read the privacy policy at the link

2. After placing an order, you will receive its number.

3. Payment is made in automatic mode with the help of PayOnline.

4. Shipment within 2 business days.

5. Delivery time is from 14 to 60 days. If the order is lost by the federal postal services after 60 days after payment, you have the right to return your money paid for the goods and delivery.

6. The cost of packaging and shipping to world of $4.48 USD. The cost of delivery is included in the total invoice for the completed order.

7. Registration of delivery by courier services or Express mail is stipulated by a separate e-mail message

8. Delivery by Russian post by registered mail with track number. You need to pick up a registered letter at the post office whose zip code you specified in the delivery address.

9. All risks associated with delivery are compensated at the expense of the sender. If you receive a damaged email, please take a picture of it when it is sealed and unpacked.

10. If you refuse an order for any reason, please let us know by email

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