We are sellers and manufacturers of car stickers.

We are constantly working to improve the quality, mastering new technologies and combining them.

We use American, Italian and Russian technologies to obtain

high-quality and long-lasting images.

I am Olga Karpova, as the creator of the Alstickers brand, I want it to be associated with quality, beauty and durability.

Each sticker produced under this brand should become a business card and confirm

the refined taste of the car owner.

The trademark is registered in my name Olga A. Karpova in the USA serial number 88886822.

The copyright for the moose image is registered in my name Olga A. Karpova in the United States under the number

 VA0002206618 / 2020-05-07

We prohibit the use of any trademarks or copyrights of such companies.

in a manner that may cause confusion, error, or deception regarding the source of the advertised data.

products or services. Alstickers name, its logos, design, product images and photos

are the exclusive property of Alstickers and any unauthorized use

is a violation of copyright and trademarks.

We monitor the use of our intellectual property on the Internet on a daily basis for

protect their interests in respect of trademarks.

In addition, consumers who buy fake Alstickers products from

an unauthorized seller, may unwittingly support fraudulent activities.

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